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Author: Clay Ables


Heading into this season Peyton Siva is the co-captain and leader of this year’s Louisville Cardinals. In Siva’s four years at Louisville he has experienced plenty of high’s and low’s but appears to be trending upwards heading into his final year of eligibility. His first couple of years at Louisville showed great promise and he showcased plenty of NBA potential.

Entering his junior year, expectations were high and fans were ready for Peyton to take the next step. However,  he became injured during a rough stretch of the year and the team went south from there. The team reached it’s low point after suffering an embarrassing 31-point loss versus Providence.

After that though the team recovered somewhat and produced an unbelieveable run in the Big East tournament and then NCAA tournament. Siva showed his game off to the nation and is now one of the biggest stars in college hoops. Now Peyton is predicted to be the Big East Player of the Year and because of that, Louisville is picked to win the league and then some.

Heading into the 2012-13 basketball season, Pitino has been busy heaping loads of praise on his team’s lead guard. In fact, the head coach commented on Siva’s character by saying that, “He is one of the best five people I have ever meet.” That is some high praise considering all of the the great players that he has coached.

I think the difference between Louisville and Indiana this year is Siva’s leadership at the point guard position. Peyton is simply a more talented and experienced player than anyone from the Hoosiers’ backcourt. His speed is second to none in the country and he is a special playmaker.

The only part of his game that needs to be developed is his perimeter shooting. Last year Siva hovered around 25% from the three point line which really hurt Louisville all season long. To his credit, though,  he turned it on late in the year when the Cards made their NCAA tournament run. So far he has been effective in the scrimmages and is showcasing a more consistent jump shot. If he can master his jump shot then Louisville can go all the way and win the title this season.

Wrapping up this preview, Siva will live up to expectations and lead the Cards on another deep March Madness run. His leadership, playmaking ability and quickness are what sets him apart. Now it is all about shooting more consistently and mastering the nuances of running a Rick Pitino offense. If he can master those two things then he can go on a run that will put him up there will the all-time Louisville greats.

Winning a national championship for UofL is the one thing that would cement Peyton Siva’s legacy as one of the greatest and most beloved players to ever play for the program. Cardinal fans are hoping he can do just that this season.

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